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Dragon Lite Restaurant

620 Main Street | Hyannis, MA

Sample Menu


Eighteen traditional

appetizers and eight
soups to begin your meal


Shrimp &  Scallops in

Garlic Sauce

Rainbow Shrimp
Shrimp cooked with fresh
vegetables in light sauce

General Tso's Chicken
Big chunks of chicken
marinated, dipped in lotus
flour, fried and sautéed in the
chef's special spicy sauce

Amazing Chicken
Tender white meat chicken stir
fried with assorted Chinese
vegetables in a special Hunan,
Szechuan mixed sauce

Mongolian Beef
Tender beef with green
scallions, onions &  garlic in
house special sauce with
hot sizzling plate
(can be spicy on request)

Coconut Shrimp
Fried coconut jumbo shrimp,
garnished with fresh vegetables
in chef's tasty sauce

Seafood Wor Bar
Lobster meat, shrimp & 
scallops with selected Chinese
greens, pea pods, water
chestnuts, fresh mushrooms,
ginger &  wine in an exotic
sauce over a sizzling plate

Szechuan Spicy
Whole Fish
Crispy whole fish garnished
with shredded carrots, black
mushrooms, green peppers,
ginger & spicy wine soy sauce

Rock Lamb (Lamb Chop)
Marinated and cooked with
shredded mushrooms, onions
in fresh garlic, black pepper
brown sauce

Peking Duck
Whole or half

Sesame Sparkling Beef
(or Chicken)
Thick slice of prime beef
dipped in lotus flour fried
and cooked in an exquisite
sesame sauce

Fisherman's Platter (for 2)
Clams, squid, shrimp, salmon,
scallops and vegetables with
ginger, scallions & sherry
wine on a flaming hot platter

Other Traditional Favorites

Dinner Combination
Special Plates