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Ebb Tide Restaurant

94 Chase Avenue | Dennisport, MA

Sample Menu


Ebb Tide Crispy
Homemade Crab Cakes

Lobster Fritters
Chunks of fresh lobster meat deep fried in our own fritter batter & served with lobster sauce

Seafood Trio
Lobster, two shrimp & two oysters served cocktail sauce

Tuna Sashimi
Cuts of sashimi grade tuna seasoned in a honey soy marinade, with seaweed salad, sesame seeds, ginger & wasabi sauce


Tournedo Homard
Tournado grilled and topped with lobster, asparagus &
Bearnaise sauce

Pecan Encrusted Salmon
Fresh salmon fillet sautéed with pecans and a maple glaze

Roast Prime Ribs of Beef

Grand Marnier Half Duckling

Whole Baked Stuffed or Steamed Lobster 

Crabmeat Stuffed Salmon
Atlantic salmon with crabmeat stuffing, topped with lobster sauce

Lobster Ravioli Alfredo
Lobster filled ravioli in a creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with fresh chunks of lobster &
Parmesan cheese 


Seafood Fettuccini
Shrimp, scallops & crabmeat in a basil Alfredo sauce over fresh fettuccini and topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese 

Seafarer's Sampler
Shrimp, scallops and cod,
baked en casserole with
sherry seasoned crumbs

Ebb Tide's Baked Lobster Pie
Fresh chunks of lobster from a
1 1/4 lb lobster baked en casserole
with sherry seasoned crumbs &
fresh butter

An Ebb Tide tradition!